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Why choose a choir experience for your child?

A Secure Confidence

Choir provides so many benefits impacting the entire child.  A quality experience impacts a child’s
confidence. A nurturing choir experience allows a young child to gain confidence. Singing and speaking in public can be very scary, even for adults. This experience helps to diminish the anxiety that accompanies being out in front of people. A gentle step-by-step approach to performing will ease the entry into performing for many children.


Singing for Life
An early choir experience helps a child find their singing voice. Once that happens, the sky is the limit. So
many children grow up as adults thinking they cannot sing. Singing is a skill like any other. A choir experience provides a child with the opportunity for singing events.


Musical concepts
Singing in choir introduces a child to so many musical concepts from tone, pitch, rhythm, improvisation,
dynamics, tempo, meter and tonality. The songs and activities are presented in a fun and approachable
way for the young singer.


A Team
Choir is a team just like any other. It is working together to achieve a beautiful tone quality as a group. It
is social and fun. New friendships are made along the way.


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